SSRS – Toggle Visibility Show Initially as Expanded + –

‎Reporting Services provides some nice options to allow user’s to feel like they are interacting with the data, by expanding lower levels of detail when they click on the plus (+) sign in the report’s tablix. You can also set the initial Toggle state of report items as expanded i.e. (-) sign.  There is a catch though in that when you Show your initial state as expanded, the items may expand correctly but the toggle sign appears reversed (i.e. +  instead of -).

Nice solution to the problem demonstrated Here.

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  1. Maija

    Thank you very much for pointing out this InitialToggleState property.
    My InitialToggleState is conditional and I made it work with this expression:
    =iif(Parameters!TrUnVisible.Value = false, true, false)
    First I tried
    =iif(Parameters!TrUnVisible.Value = false, Expanded, Collapsed)
    because Expanded / Collapsed were the values I could choose from, but that condition
    doesn’t work. Wonder a little bit why so, but the main thing is I made it work
    with your help.

  2. Ive gone months with thinking this was just a quirk with SSRS, finally had someone call it out today so thought I would see what was out there. Nice to know it can be changed, and it’s such a quick and simple fix. Thanks!

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