Self Service BI Navigation Menu in Sharepoint

Less than 10 easy steps to create a Sharepoint Self Service Business Intelligence Navigation menu like this… A link to PowerPivot will open your PowerPivot Site, Dashboard Designer will open your Performance Point Dashboard Designer, and the third item in the menu is for the Report Builder 3.0 click once application. First, open your site, […]

PowerPivot as a data source for Performance Point 2010

Here’s a quick run down of some considerations for using PowerPivot as a data source for Performance Point 2010. First, make sure your integrated Microsoft Business Intelligence SQL Server 2012 Sharepoint 2010 environment has Service Pack 1 applied  The assumption here is you already have SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot integrated with Sharepoint 2010.    Now, as […]

Forecasting and Budgeting with the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack

There are a myriad of point and shoot forecasting and planning tools out there however the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack has capabilities in this area too.   You may already have some Microsoft infrastructure so its worth looking what you can do in Sharepoint, Excel and the other Microsoft BI tools before you go and […]

Performance Point Cascading Parameters Connection Formula Example

A simple but intuitive requirement in a report is the ability to restrict the 2nd parameter values based on what you selected in the 1st parameter.   Such an example might be to restrict the list of Staff depending on the Office you selected previous. In Performance Point this is known as Cascading parameters and was […]

Reverse the Sort Order for a Performance Point 2010 filter

You would like to reverse the sort order of a particular filter in Performance Point – lets just call it “Year”. When Performance Point 2010 was released it brought with it new sort and filter features – however these do not extend to Performance Point filters – sob Neat post from SQLChick describing how […]

Limiting Sharepoint 2010 Memory on an All in One B.I. Box

With all of these new fandangle self service Business Intelligence tools hanging off Sharepoint now, you may want to protect the precious box against unintentionally melicious drag and drop power moves.   Sharepoint and SQL Server on the same box is an easy equation and easy to install, however if things start to bog down and […]

Performance Point – Importing Items from another server

Nice how-to on how to import performance point items from one server and deploy the content to another.  Much like importing content into an empty Visual Studio solution, the same idea applies to a Performance Point workspace file.   It starts with opening up Dashboard Designer on the source server, then saving the content into a new workspace […]