How to quickly backup Windows Event logs

Houston, you have a problem.  Quickly backup your Windows Event logs with the following commands – this example will export the Application and System event logs to two seperate files into the C:\logs folder using the built in wevtutil Windows tool.

Disable your Reporting Services Preview Cache in Development

You have made changes to your backend reporting database, rerun your Report Preview but the values havn’t changed ! One of best recommendations I can make to SQL 2012 Reporting Services developers is to disable preview caching on the development machine.   Of course you won’t want to change this in production, however in your dev […]

How to select the database id with sysfiles using sp_msforeachdb

The following example demonstrates how to gather the database id along with sysfiles metadata using the procedure sp_msforeachdb.   This could be useful to collect both a detail and a summary view of database file footprint. This will allow you build a view of the total database size by doing a sum of the file sizes […]

Convert Incoming Flat File Date to DateTime in SSIS

You need to convert an incoming string formatted date from a flat file into a date datatype in SSIS.   The following example demonstrates how to convert a flat file date in the format “DD/MM/YYYY” into the ISO format YYYY-MM-DD, where it can be converted to a Datetime data type by DT_DBTIMESTAMP. Nulls and partially populated strings (e.g. a date without leading […]

Reverse the Sort Order for a Performance Point 2010 filter

You would like to reverse the sort order of a particular filter in Performance Point – lets just call it “Year”. When Performance Point 2010 was released it brought with it new sort and filter features – however these do not extend to Performance Point filters – sob Neat post from SQLChick describing how […]

the size necessary to buffer the xml content error on ssrs preview

Tracked this post down when looking into what looks to be a newish error in SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services.  You select Preview on the report and get the error “size necessary to buffer the XML content exceeded the buffer quota”. The blog discuss a good workaround approach.  In my case, fields referenced within an […]