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Australian Computer Society: Predicting the Next Rogue Wave 27th May 2015

Maritime folklore told of the existence of rogue waves, that could appear without warning, against the prevailing current and often in perfectly clear water. Such waves were said to consist of an almost vertical wall of water, up to 98 feet in height, preceded by a trough so deep, it was referred to as “a hole in the sea”. Any ship approaching a wave of such magnitude would be unlikely to survive the extreme forces and would be sunk in a matter of minutes.

In this session we look at the some of the tools, platforms and methodologies in the current Business Intelligence movement, that can assist businesses to predict, “The Next Rogue Wave”. Whilst the next rogue wave can easily allude to the next big destructive force, the next rogue wave can also be the next big opportunity….such as the Black Swan theory, which aims to predict the opportune time to strike, concerning world financial events.

We will cover the whole data science movement, the growing opportunity of cloud analytics platforms, and the role of data governance, all designed to help businesses to be better prepared for the risks and opportunities of the unexpected, and to respond accordingly.
The demonstration will use a combination of presentation and demo time.

Onsite event details as follows, and external conference available from the link below…

27th May 2015

5:30pm for 6:00pm start

ACS Office Level 7/333 Adelaide St Brisbane


Business Analytics Conference 2013 !

No it has nothing to do with bacon…rather, the Pass Business Analytics Conference 2013 is a new event focussed fairly and squarely on … Microsoft Business Intelligence … or Business Analytics as it sounds cooler.  There will also be a lot of other in fashion words being thrown around at the event, like Big Data.

Be there in 2013 !
April 10-12  Chicago, IL !

Tracks include :

Data Analytics and Visualization

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Information Delivery and Collaboration

Big Data Innovations and Integration

Strategy and Architecture



Register for Microsoft Business Analytics Conference 2013 here !

New conference, new format, designed for Business Analytics professionals in the Microsoft space.  Chicago 2013, April 10-12 (Full Conference), with an optional Pre Conference day beforehand for a sum extra.

Register here (Best rate for registration finishes December 7, 2012) :

Mobile Configuration for your Live Email account

Start sending and receiving your emails on your mobile device quickly and painlessly with the following configuration.

Account : Pop3

Email Address : Self explanatory

UserName : Same as Email Address

Pop Server :

Pop Security : SSL If Available

Port : 995

Smtp Server :

Smtp Security : TLS

Port : 587

Note, if you are setting up email for a desktop mac and you want you access your Outlook/Live/Hotmail account, don’t even waste your time with Outlook Mac.   Try Mailtab for Outlook instead.

SQL Saturday Brisbane Event Success

SQL Saturday was held in Brisbane today 12th April 2012.   It was excellent to see so many attendees and hats off to Paul Te Braak and the event sponsors for organising.

For those that attended my XRay Vision for SQL Error Logs presentation, thank you for being such a good audience and I hope you were able to take something from the session.

Part 1 of the multi part series XRay Vision For Sql Server Error Logs contains the first component of the solution demonstrated on the day.  From here you can download the solution files to build your own 30,000 foot view of your SQL Error Logs.