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SSAS – Multi – Process Cube in an Agent Job Step

If you want to automate a nightly cube reprocess in development but don’t feel like creating an ETL package, you can create a quick SQL Server Agent job with a job step type “SQL Server Analysis Services Command”.   Put the server name for your Analysis Services server in the “Server” field, then adapt your xmla code in the “Command” window, substituting in your own values for the tags KeyErrorLogFile and DatabaseId (xmla code is generated by scripting out an Analysis Services Process operation in Management Studio).

When setting up your Process command (before scripting), set the cube to process, but ignore any errors using a custom error configuration, ignoring error counts, report/continue on all, then return any processing errors into a text file where they can be viewed first thing in the morning.

I would have included the xmla command here but WordPress goes to town on embedded XML (even in sourcecode tags) 😦 Shoot me a message if you need a sample xmla command 🙂