Uncompress RAR Files in Windows 8

You have a RAR file to Uncompress and run Windows 8 ?  You could try this Windows 8 app from the Windows Store http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/uncompress/47925c5f-c967-468f-8b5f-b68f48f83236.  Simply download the app, open Uncompress, locate your RAR file, select a Destination folder, click OK, don’t cross the streams and all is good !

Diagram to Reverse Engineer a SQL Query

Toad for SQL Server has a nice feature to allow you to create a visual diagram of a SQL Server query – ok so whats in it for me you ask ? Lets say you have been given a dirty big query to troubleshoot – now you need to trawl through the query and pull […]

SSRS – External Images not displaying

Remember for SSRS reports that refer to external images (i.e. images not stored in a database or stored in the report itself), you need to prefix any UNC path with “file:” or the HTTP path with “http:”. e.g. The full UNC path should be constructed like “file:\\server\share\path\filename.jpg”. The full HTTP path should be constructed like […]

Tales from Dr Carl – Uncloaking pesky hidden characters

In the post https://popbi.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/how-to-remove-carriage-return-line-feed-tab-from-a-string-in-tsql I discussed options for removing unprintable characters. In the code example below, Dr Carl demonstrates how to use the ASCII function to unclock those pesky characters likely to cause troubles in your BI solution.  The result of the ASCII function is the specific character code you can then reference with the char […]