Sharepoint BI Demo Machine Full Download

Shortcut your Sharepoint Business Performance experience with this pre-packaged virtual machine available for partners and customers, pre installed with industry specific Sharepoint dashboards like Education, Energy and Communications. If you get along to you will find some online demo’s but this one is a full downloadable virtual machine – ok it is only Sharepoint […]

PowerPivot for Sharepoint – Locating Analysis Services on a Different Server

PowerPivot for Sharepoint 2013 supports a variety of different installation architectures – one of which allows you to run the PowerPivot Analysis Services instance on a server other than your Sharepoint 2013 server.   You still need to install PowerPivot software on your Sharepoint server, however only the spPowerpivot.msi package (or on all Sharepoint servers […]

Self Service BI Navigation Menu in Sharepoint

Less than 10 easy steps to create a Sharepoint Self Service Business Intelligence Navigation menu like this… A link to PowerPivot will open your PowerPivot Site, Dashboard Designer will open your Performance Point Dashboard Designer, and the third item in the menu is for the Report Builder 3.0 click once application. First, open your site, […]

Location of RSReportServer.config for SSRS Web Service URL Sharepoint Integrated

You want to find the rsReportServer.config file for your SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Installation. Basically….for a Sharepoint Integrated Mode install of Reporting Services look in … Typically the location of your reportserver url is going to look something like this if your sharepoint web url is … and for a Native Mode Reporting Services installation look in … […]

Forecasting and Budgeting with the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack

There are a myriad of point and shoot forecasting and planning tools out there however the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack has capabilities in this area too.   You may already have some Microsoft infrastructure so its worth looking what you can do in Sharepoint, Excel and the other Microsoft BI tools before you go and […]

Can I run a PowerPivot 2012 (v2) Excel 2010 document to Sharpoint 2013

You can run a PowerPivot 2012 (v2) Excel 2010 document up on Sharepoint 2013 server.  The following read outlines a the pros and cons. Note Excel 2013 Powerpivot documents support Interactive refresh within the open workbook however PowerPivot v2 for Excel 2010 only supports Unattended Refresh.   At this stage I havn’t any luck getting […]

Sharepoint 2013 Features feat Editions

An excellent concise summary of the feature differences between the editions of the new Sharepoint 2013 Note Business Intelligence still requires Enterprise edition but some interesting changes to the definition of internal vs external users with the former requiring license CALs and the latter not…        

Where are my Reporting Services 2012 Integrated end points and log files ?

A good article outlining the location of end points in Reporting Services 2012 integrated mode and how the various bits and pieces talk to each other. Includes an outline about how to check the Sharepoint Timer job which is used for Reporting Services 2012 Alerting. If you are looking for Log files, these […]

Performance Point Cascading Parameters Connection Formula Example

A simple but intuitive requirement in a report is the ability to restrict the 2nd parameter values based on what you selected in the 1st parameter.   Such an example might be to restrict the list of Staff depending on the Office you selected previous. In Performance Point this is known as Cascading parameters and was […]