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DAX: Get the Month Name from a Date

Some commonly asked questions in this world are :

1. Is the Loch Ness monster real ?

2. Is the Bermuda Triangle really aliens ?

3. How do you get the month name from a date in a PowerPivot DAX formula ?

Get the three character abbreviation of the month name from a Date column in Powerpivot using the following derived column formula…




Tableau 9 : Level of Detail Calculations Meets PowerPivot Meets Dallas Buyers Club

Much like a puppeteer, writing a report involves pulling the strings behind the scenes, and animating an expression to the front stage. Tableau 9 brings a bucket load of new features to the already popular reporting tool…. Introducing LEVEL of DETAIL CALCULATIONS…. my favourite new feature in Tableau 9, bringing new tricks for the puppeteer.

In PowerPivot, for this particular ranking level of detail example, you would need to carefully craft the level of detail in a DAX expression, do-able, but unless your Dad is Chris Webb, arguably much more complicated than the Tableau implementation.

Watch level of detail calculations in action here …

Tableau: Couldn’t find valid MS PowerPivot data

You have attempted to connect Tableau desktop to your PowerPivot data source and encounter the error “the drivers necessary are not installed” or  “couldn’t find valid MS PowerPivot data”.

The following instructional video demonstrates how to solve both of these issues and get you running…