Windows 10 Eats Bandwidth

To my Windows 10 Brothers and Sisters – who likes to use their Windows 10 device on a Tether internet connection?  For a few months I’ve been blaming poor home broadband bandwidth on the kids, when it was…. moi   Clue was the 8Gb mobile data plan getting chewed up within weeks of end of month.   Then […]

Tattoos and Type Covers

So my Surface type cover recently stopped responding right before a demo to a prospective employee about how cool Microsoft is… Tried the usual stuff, pull off the type cover, reattach, grab coffee.  Solution was to power down, then restart by holding power plus the up volume button for about 10 seconds… Continue holding as […]

OneDrive : Sync your SharePoint Online Team Site

Sync your SharePoint Online Team Site with your OneDrive easily with the SYNC function in your team site. 1. Go to your Team site 2. Select the Library 3. Click the SYNC button 4. OK to Allow OneDrive 5. Select a target local folder to Sync to Video instructions here Sync … If that doesn’t work, go […]

Windows Phone: Working with Lumia Panorama

…”with Columbus as a vision, an occasion for a historical panorama of a continent out of his control”, and the occasion, is working with the Lumia Panorama app on Windows Phone.  Here is a quick tutorial for how to generate a panorama. Firstly, don’t be afraid, the entry point for a panorama is a breathtaking view, […]

Windows Phone: Switch from Android Easy Guide

The best things about Android/Google phones is they name their operating system releases after comfort food, there are zillions of apps, and there are usually 40 different ways to do the same thing… which is probably the major downfall too, too much choice and confusion, as well as the random glitch and the “insufficient space on […]

Windows Phone: Switch from Iphone Easy Guide

I have gone through “A LOT” of phones in the last 2 years.  Apple, Android, Windows, Symbian, to, fro, forward, back, up, down, and by far the best overall experience has been Windows Phone.  You will love the seamless contact integration, attentive photo features, those cool Lumia case colours and on the mid to high level […]

Windows Phone: Take Selfies with the Free Lumia Selfie App

              Here we learn how to take rad selfies on Windows phone using the superb free Nokia Microsoft Lumia Selfie app, in three easy steps. If you havn’t downloaded the Lumia Selfie app yet, grab it, along with all the other cool free Lumia apps.   Step 1:  Once installed access the Lumia Selfie app […]

Windows Phone: Rotating Images with Nokia Lumia Creative Studio

Here we learn how to rotate images in Windows phone using the superb free Nokia Microsoft Lumia Creative Studio. I have gone through “A LOT” of phones the last 2 years.  Apple, Android, Windows, Symbian, and by far the best alround experience has been Windows Phone.  Seamless contact integration, photos and those cool Lumia colours. First, […]