The Mosdal Support Kit

Mosdal is not the name of the Android in the current Star Trek film, rather it is a support kit useful for troubleshooting issues with Microsoft Online Services. Try it here … a quick download and install on your local PC, then enter your Microsoft Online account, perform your intended operations, then wait a few […]

TSQL Backup and Restore to and from Multiple Files

Backing up and restoring to multiple files can make your admin activities faster and can also test the throughput of your storage if you want to go silly. A sample backup command sample for backing up and restoring 2 files is outlined below : Now run the following query to kill all connections in the destination […]

PowerPivot – Removing Duplicate Rows in Excel

You have a list of data and you want to remove duplicates in Excel before importing into PowerPivot.   There are two approaches that will give you the same visual result, but only one that will suit PowerPivot. 1. Advanced Filter – Filter Unique Rows, this is only a visual filter so the full list […]

PowerPivot – Public Holidays By State

There are plenty of examples around about how to calculate working days for a single Public Holiday calendar.    But what happens when the Public Holidays vary by state ?   This post walks through a PowerPivot example for calculating a single measure “Working Days” that works when the states each have their own distinct […]

PowerPivot – Rename my Excel Table Names

When you are working with Excel Linked Tables as data sources for PowerPivot, you may notice that the name you labelled the table name (in Excel) has not imported into the PowerPivot data model as you expected.  Instead you might see the name “Tablexx” where xx is a number rather than the custom name you […]

Sharepoint 2013 Features feat Editions

An excellent concise summary of the feature differences between the editions of the new Sharepoint 2013 Note Business Intelligence still requires Enterprise edition but some interesting changes to the definition of internal vs external users with the former requiring license CALs and the latter not…