SSRS Speaks ! New Feature in Reporting Services 2014

An old colleague recently asked… “What’s new in Reporting Services 2014 bro?”.   Asides from official support for Chrome Browsers, Reporting Services 2014 remains unchanged feature wise compared to 2012. It appears focus is predominantly on PowerBI and the acquisition of Datazen.  The following chart illustrates Approximate number of outstanding cool new features by version […]

SSRS Migration: Data Sources Supported in Reporting Services 2012/2014

Migrating your Reporting Services instances to SQL Server 2012/2014 has a few key considerations. First, the oldest version you can upgrade from is Reporting Services 2005 and that must be patched to SP4 (9.00.5000). Next, any SQL Server 2005 report data sources are still supported in SQL Server 2012/2014. Here are the full list of […]

SSRS: Driven to the Brink with the Data Driven Subscriptions Error

Clam Chowder….but first, you attempt to create a Data Driven subscription.  You have setup your SMTP settings for your Reporting Services instance, you have setup your encryption key for storing sensitive data and you have configured stored credentials for all data sources used in the report. Alas you get the following error when creating your […]

DAX: NAAN is good…NAN is not…use DIVIDE

Just a minute while I reinvent myself … Measure [ExampleWithoutDivide] divides one measure by another in your Tabular cube…and when you run a query in Management studio you get -1.#IND values … And in your Reporting Services dataset you get NaN values … Use DIVIDE in your MDX calculation as illustrated in the [ExampleWithDivide] measure above… Oe Use an alternative result […]

SSRS: Creating Report Labels for Multi Select Parameter Selections

You want to display the selected multi select parameter values within a label in your report.   Add a textbox to your report, then use the following expression in your textbox to display your multi select parameter selections : Your label will display “All Selected” – when all parameter values have been selected… “Multiple Selected” […]

SSRS: Email Report Subscriptions and the Greyed Out To Field Fiasco

You are creating a report subscription to Email, then you notice the To field is greyed out and you are unable to edit.   We assume you have setup your Reporting Services SMTP successfully because the Email option was available when you created your subscription. Locate your RSReportServer.config file on the server where Reporting Services […]

SSRS: Displaying Pie Chart Series Values on the Outside

To format the values in your Reporting Services pie chart on the outside of the chart, first right click on your pie chart and select “Show Data Labels”.  If you have not configured Values and a Category yet you will need to do this. Now select the pie chart to reveal the Properties for the Category. […]

SSRS: Export to Excel 2007-2010 Format

On versions previous to Reporting Services 2012 (even Reporting Services 2008 R2), you could only export a maximum of 65536 rows when you chose to export the data in a report to Excel.     If this is a showstopper, then Reporting Services 2012 is your saviour.   However if you are using Reporting Services […]