Add a Default to an Existing Table T-SQL

A quick implementation for adding a default value to an existing column in a table …the following example adds a default constraint “YourDefaultConstraintName” of 0 (zero) to the column “YourColumn” in the table “YourTable” …   If the constraint already exists you will need to drop it first then add the constraint with the same […]

Powerpivot Data Refresh Toolkit

You have deployed your PowerPivot workbook to Sharepoint and are experiencing Data refresh issues. Before you go chasing your tail, look no further than the following 3 links that discuss what Powerpivot Data Refresh is all about… 1. PowerPivot Data Refresh Whitepaper 2. PowerPivot Data Refresh Account Checklist 3. Troubleshooting PowerPivot Data Refresh […]

Pass Summit 2012 – BI Session Snap !

With just over a week now until Pass Summit 2012, its time to review some of the cool sessions to go to in the Business Intelligence track !  Around the World with the SharePoint BI Toolbelt (BID-212-S)BI Information DeliveryBrian Knight (Pragmatic Works) Dashboard Design: Making Reports Pop (BID-305)BI Information DeliveryPaul Turley (SolidQ) Building Self-Service BI Apps Using PowerPivot and […]

Set a Reporting Services Parameter default to Today or Last Month

To format a Reporting Services parameter with the current date, Go to the Parameter Properties, Select Default, and click the fx button for Specify Values.  Enter the following expression to Format a Date Value in the format yyyyMMdd e.g. 23rd October 2010 as 20121023. Likewise to just get one month previous to current date in […]

Performance Point Cascading Parameters Connection Formula Example

A simple but intuitive requirement in a report is the ability to restrict the 2nd parameter values based on what you selected in the 1st parameter.   Such an example might be to restrict the list of Staff depending on the Office you selected previous. In Performance Point this is known as Cascading parameters and was […]

MDX, EXCEPT function and Filtering Blank Records

Ideally your datamart/data warehouse does not contain null values in your dimension attributes.  This will create some ill feeling in the presentation layer when for example the user gets a blank value in a list of dimension members in a parameter list. The following MDX demonstrates how to filter members that are blank using the […]