Windows 10 Eats Bandwidth

Windows10WifiSettingsTo my Windows 10 Brothers and Sisters – who likes to use their Windows 10 device on a Tether internet connection?  For a few months I’ve been blaming poor home broadband bandwidth on the kids, when it was…. moi :/   Clue was the 8Gb mobile data plan getting chewed up within weeks of end of month.   Then it was the 3rd Telstra dude, who noticed uploads unusually high.  Checked the System tray and noticed OneDrive uploading 16Gb…  Let’s tackle the first problem… mobile data plan…, in Windows 10, go to Settings, search wifi, find Change Wifi Settings, click Advanced Options, and here specify a metered connection.  Google it, Bing it, Do it, you won’t regret it.   You will need to do this on your tethered wifi connection first, but also any other wifi connections where you want to reign in bandwidth on a limited or slow connection.  Second problem, OneDrive…  Find the OneDrive icon Windows10WifiSettingsMetered.PNGstatus in your System Tray… If you see your OneDrive is uploading Gbs of data, these uploads will be limiting download capacity on the pipe.  Right click the OneDrive icon and exit.  Start it up again and let it breathe before you go to bed.

Closing note: When a wifi connection is set to metered, any app that relies on an Internet connection to update or display info might be limited in the amount of data it can download or display. You might notice these and other effects:

  • Windows Update will only download priority updates.

  • Apps downloading from the Windows Store might be paused.

  • Start screen tiles might stop updating.

  • Offline files might not sync automatically.