Self Service BI Navigation Menu in Sharepoint

Less than 10 easy steps to create a Sharepoint Self Service Business Intelligence Navigation menu like this… A link to PowerPivot will open your PowerPivot Site, Dashboard Designer will open your Performance Point Dashboard Designer, and the third item in the menu is for the Report Builder 3.0 click once application. First, open your site, […]

Location of RSReportServer.config for SSRS Web Service URL Sharepoint Integrated

You want to find the rsReportServer.config file for your SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Installation. Basically….for a Sharepoint Integrated Mode install of Reporting Services look in … Typically the location of your reportserver url is going to look something like this if your sharepoint web url is … and for a Native Mode Reporting Services installation look in … […]

Save Outlook Attachments to Disk

There are a number of cool easy to use plugins for Outlook that facilitate transfer of attachments out of emails automatically. Lets say you have a folder called “D:\SCRALADFolder” … and you want all the email attachments dumped in there – so in essence, an automated data feed. You can go and download, try and […]

How to Access the Developer tab in Excel 2013 – Visual Basic

Handy link outlining the procedure to open the Visual Basic Development environment inside Microsoft Excel 2013.   Alt + F11 may work for you on a PC but through virtual machines this can become problematic.   Try enabling the Developer tab for easy access through the menu bar.  Once the Developer tab is enabled, click […]

Visual Studio Devenv.exe hangs on open of SSIS Package

Visual Studio Devenv.exe hangs when you attempt to open a SSIS package. Make sure you have Delay Validation properties set to False, though if you are at this point and still not responding, that won’t help you. Try setting the max degree of parallelism on the SQL instance back to 1 (if it is already […]