Your transaction log is full and you can no longer write to your database.  In earlier versions of SQL Server BACKUP LOG WITH NOLOG OR WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY allowed you to carve out the contents of the transaction log without dumping it to disk.  For SQL 2012, you will want to issue a command along the lines […]

SSIS – Dynamic Connection String Expression for your MDB Files

Lets assume for starters you have a bunch of MDB files, all the same structure, but different filenames. You want to use the same SSIS package to loop through and import each file into the database. Now we cover 5 steps to create a dynamic MDB file connection string inside your SSIS package. Step 1 […]

Me Without You … Passing SSRS Report Parameters through a URL

Me without you is like a Report without Report Parameters …. 🙂 This post discusses how to pass parameters into a Sharepoint Reporting Services report through a formatted URL.  The following url example http://myspsite/subsite/_vti_bin/reportserver?http://myspsite/subsite/AdventureWorks/Employee_Sales_Summary.rdl&ReportMonth=3&ReportYear=2008 passes two parameters (ReportMonth and ReportYear) to a report (Employee_Sales_Summary.rdl).  We will break this example down using the url constructs. This is the general […]