DAX: Get the Month Name from a Date

Some commonly asked questions in this world are : 1. Is the Loch Ness monster real ? 2. Is the Bermuda Triangle really aliens ? 3. How do you get the month name from a date in a PowerPivot DAX formula ? Get the three character abbreviation of the month name from a Date column in […]

Data Wow: Chances of Finding Love ?

What are the chances of life on earth ? Further, what are the chances of running into a random stranger on earth, and finding love… And further again, what are the chances of holding that love ??   In this compelling Ted talk, mathematician Hannah Fry gives her top 3 mathematically based tips for finding that special […]

DAX: NAAN is good…NAN is not…use DIVIDE

Just a minute while I reinvent myself … Measure [ExampleWithoutDivide] divides one measure by another in your Tabular cube…and when you run a query in Management studio you get -1.#IND values … And in your Reporting Services dataset you get NaN values … Use DIVIDE in your MDX calculation as illustrated in the [ExampleWithDivide] measure above… Oe Use an alternative result […]

PowerPivot for Sharepoint – Locating Analysis Services on a Different Server

PowerPivot for Sharepoint 2013 supports a variety of different installation architectures – one of which allows you to run the PowerPivot Analysis Services instance on a server other than your Sharepoint 2013 server.   You still need to install PowerPivot software on your Sharepoint server, however only the spPowerpivot.msi package (or on all Sharepoint servers […]

Umbrellas – Leading Zeros (0’s) inside Excel or PowerPivot

Laura has a bunch of numbers sitting in column A5 of her Excel spreadsheet showing 5 digit product codes for her umbrella business.  She received the file from a vendor, and somewhere in the process Excel stripped off the leading zeros.   Create a new column in Excel, then apply the following formula to apply leading zeros up to the required 5 digits :  The […]

MDX : Percentage of Total and SSRS

A simple Percentage of Total Calculation example. If you are bringing your MDX dataset into SSRS remember SSRS doesn’t recognise MDX percentage values formatted with FORMAT_STRING=”Percent” – so you’ll need to specify the percentage format in your SSRS chart or tablix.

MDX : Ordering by Month in your SSRS Reports

You want your months to display in your SSRS report as Jan, Feb, Mar etc yet you run the report and the ordering is all out of sorts. Adapt the following MDX sampler, to grab the month key, and follow the steps subsequent to set the ordering in your SSRS chart. The month key will […]