Sharepoint B.I. Integration – Should I Install Everything on One Box ?

That is a terrific question.  But first when we talk about Sharepoint integration, we are talking about Reporting Services and Powerpivot. Both Reporting Services and Powerpivot are implemented as distributed applications with components that run on the Web Front End (WFE) and Application tiers, whilst application data is stored in the Data Tier.  These components […]

SSRS – Toggle Visibility Show Initially as Expanded + –

‎Reporting Services provides some nice options to allow user’s to feel like they are interacting with the data, by expanding lower levels of detail when they click on the plus (+) sign in the report’s tablix. You can also set the initial Toggle state of report items as expanded i.e. (-) sign.  There is a […]

Remove the ‘Domain\’ portion from your SSRS User!UserId Variable

If your lower environments feature a different domain name to production, there could be a requirement to remove the ‘DOMAIN\’ portion of the string that is returned by the Reporting Services User!UserId report collection value. The following code segment demonstrates how this could work in a stored procedure that uses this variable as a parameter.