Quick Hacks (Creating a Date Dimension)

If you require a Date Dimension and you are unhappy with the automatically generated sample provided for in the Analysis Services Business Intelligence Wizard, try your own custom table. The following code will create a list of dates between Jan 1, 1970 and Dec 32, 2015 then insert the content into a table aptly named […]

Go Forth and Multiply (Deploying MDX Calculations)

There are several ways to deploy your new MDX Calculations from your Analysis Services solution without processing the cube. First, go and download the BIDS Helper tool for SQL 2008 from Codeplex which also works for SQL 2008 R2 … BidsHelper Secondly, it is good practice to set your deployment properties.  Make sure you right […]

Alternating Row Colours in Reporting Services (SSRS)

One of the most frequently asked questions in Reporting Services is “How do I alternate my row colours?”.   There are ample articles and solutions out there, in Australia we call these “Commodores”, in Virginia you probably call them “RAM 1500’s” and in Seattle  “Lincolns”, so I am going to add one more “Lincoln” but […]

SQL Pass 2012 – Nov 6-9 Seattle WA

SQL Pass Summit dates for 2012 are November 6-9 Seattle, WA.  If you have a yearly training budget of around $3000-$4000, then consider a week at SQL Pass as an alternative to that 5 day training course you were considering.  For roughly $1000 for the event early bird ends Jan 31 2012, this gives you […]

Kimball University Classes 2012

For personal development in the Business Intelligence space you can’t go past Ralph Kimball’s classes for first class techniques, methodologies and of course the opportunity to link with like minded individuals. For any folks in the Microsoft Business Intelligence space, in particular star schemas and cubes, you would be best looking first at the Dimensional […]