Create a Date Table in Oracle

Occasionally you may be working with non Microsoft data sources such as Oracle over front end tools like Power Pivot or Reporting Services. Some options for a date table include creating a linked table in Power Pivot or generating a table in the data source. Generate a date table quickly using your Oracle data source […]

SQL Server Data Compare

To download the admin install go to, download the ssdtsetup executeable for SQL Server 2014, and also vs2010, vs2012, vs2013.  From the command prompt run ssdtsetup /layout <destination> where <destination> is the path of the USB stick / network / local drive you want to install to. This may take a while to download the […]

SSRS Migration: Data Sources Supported in Reporting Services 2012/2014

Migrating your Reporting Services instances to SQL Server 2012/2014 has a few key considerations. First, the oldest version you can upgrade from is Reporting Services 2005 and that must be patched to SP4 (9.00.5000). Next, any SQL Server 2005 report data sources are still supported in SQL Server 2012/2014. Here are the full list of […]

Always On Availability Groups: Do I need a File Share Witness or No ?

This blog sets about doing a shallow dive – to simply understand how a File Share Witness is used and required in an Always On Availability Group cluster. An Always On Availability Group cluster requires no shared storage – Windows 2012 supports up to 16 nodes, SQL Server 2012 supports up to 5 nodes in an Availability Group, […]

AlwaysOn: Configuring NTFS Permissions for the Quorum File Share

The female and male penguin…such a dreamy couple….after the egg is made…the female transfers the egg to her mate, then leaves to spend winter in the open ocean.  The quorum between the egg and parent is maintained throughout this changing of guard. SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn can be configured in a number of different quorum […]

MDX : Ordering by Month in your SSRS Reports

You want your months to display in your SSRS report as Jan, Feb, Mar etc yet you run the report and the ordering is all out of sorts. Adapt the following MDX sampler, to grab the month key, and follow the steps subsequent to set the ordering in your SSRS chart. The month key will […]

TSQL : Ranking records according to the latest date

One frequently occurring scenario I come across is a bunch of records with the same identifiers but each row has a different datestamp – then I need to identify the latest record in each group. This is the end result of what needs to be achieved, I want a ranking for each record in the […]