Northwind Odata Feed

If you are new to Odata feeds, you may like to play around with some sample data to see how one works. Northwind is a fictitious company database that has been used in SQL Server and Microsoft Access for may years and kind of like the Grand-Daddy of Adventureworks. Access the Northwind Odata feed from here This is […]

Adding a calculated column for an IsCurrent record SCD

You want to add a simple calculated column to identify a current record using some criteria.  An example might be the Slow Changing Dimension task in SSIS, which only provides a null end date for new records inserted into the table. The following example adds a calculated column called “IsCurrent” to the table “YourDimensionTable” based […]

Windows – Change Your Drive Letter using the Command Prompt

For whatever reason your drive letters have changed on your Windows PC which is bad news if you are running SQL Server databases on that drive.  We want to reassign the drive letter using command prompt only. Begin by opening a command prompt. We will need to launch the diskpart utility from the command prompt.  […]

Analysis Services Processing Task Connection String

Keep your Analysis Services Connection String dynamically with the following sample then just substitute the placeholders.  In design of course, you can simply click Edit and create a connection using the Analysis Services Connection’s GUI front end configuration screen.

Business Analytics Conference 2013 !

No it has nothing to do with bacon…rather, the Pass Business Analytics Conference 2013 is a new event focussed fairly and squarely on … Microsoft Business Intelligence … or Business Analytics as it sounds cooler.  There will also be a lot of other in fashion words being thrown around at the event, like Big Data. […]

Rank Records According to Date with RANK() TSQL

You have a bunch of active records that you would like to rank in descending order of record date i.e. most recent gets the ranking 1, etc. A quick sample is provided here to get you going.  This will select your records but add an additional column called RecordRank to store the Rank value. A […]