Colours for SQL Management Studio Status Bar

An old colleague got me hooked on Management Studio status bar colours which are cool visual clues to remind you which instance you are working in.   Despite their attractiveness and usefulness, I have rarely seen this feature used.  Go to your Object explorer and select Connect, then on the Connection window select the Options button […]

SSRS – Add a Page Break

You can add a hard page break to a Reporting Services report by creating a small thin rectangle immediately before where the break should take place on the current page. Right click on the rectangle, and under “General” tick the box beside “Add a Page Break After”. Don’t bother hiding the rectangle as it won’t […]

Using Over() to handle totals

OVER() is fantastic for Business Intelligence and possibly under-rated, useful when you want to create a total for a particular grouping in your query but still want to see the granular transactions. The following example highlights how to sum the quantity sold for the total sale but still show the item level saleline quantity sold […]

SSRS – Can’t see Images on Report Server

You will need to rename your image file extensions to lower case otherwise you won’t be able to see the images from the Reporting Services image selector.  To link images to your Reporting Services report, you can select the External property for the Image control then browse to the location of your logos in a folder your report server.  […]

SSRS – Grant Execute to All Stored Procedures

You need to grant execute permissions on all stored procedures in the database without explicitly knowing what those procedures are called.  A classic example for SQL Server Reporting Services is for your embedded Data Source credential to access procedures in your Reporting database. You have created your login on SQL Server, typed the login and […]

Burning an ISO installer image to USB Flash Drive

Becoming skilled in B.I. requires skills in installing images and virtual machines.   To install a new O.S. from a USB flash drive in Windows mount the ISO image using your favourite virtual drive software.  Now open a CMD prompt (run as Administrator or you will get Access Denied) then issue the following xcopy command […]

SSRS – Default Parameter Values to (Select All)

To configure the (Select All) selection for a multi-value parameter in Reporting Services simply configure your parameter’s Default settings to read the value from the same dataset as your Available Values dataset.  Right click on your report parameter, select “Parameter Properties”, select “Default Values”, select “Get Values From a Query”, select the same dataset you configured for “Available Values” […]