Performance Point 2010 Security Primer

Sooner or later you will either start using or be dragged into an architectural discussion about Performance Point Services 2010. The following reference introduces the Sharepoint Security Authorisation Model and contrasts the various server roles in Performance Point 2007 with predefined Sharepoint roles 2010. Finally, the reference outlines the Sharepoint 2010 permissions that are required […]

Luuuurvely SQL 2012 Feature Comparison

If you are planning SQL Server 2012 consolidation or SQL as a Service, this succinct diagram of features v editions will help you get started on mapping business requirements to features.

Early Adopters Cookbook for SQL Server 2012 and Licensing

If you are looking for SQL 2012 training or application compatibility information for SQL Server 2012  you will find a wealth of information in this early adopter’s cookbook.   Includes links to some of the new and most popular features, as well as links to training kits and the SQL 2012 Training Virtual Machine. Almost […]

SSRS – Putting the Squeeze on Column Header Formatting with Line Breaks

In Excel, you can Control + Enter to manually create a line break in a cell to set the custom line formatting you require.  In SSRS you can do this too, but this relies on the committment of the developer to follow this through consistently.  Additionally add multiple developers across different development teams throughout the […]

SSRS Formatting Tablix Cells Summarised in 000’s

SSRS Tip – To format cells in 000’s select any applicable cells in your tablix, go to properties, and paste the following code in the Format property. Remember to add something to the note of “000’s” to the label of your column header so the report users understand why the numbers look a thousand times […]

SSRS Inserting a Tablix into a List Control – Custom Table Heading

You have a requirement to page break a table on a particular grouping…you would like a custom heading for the table but are unable to merge the header cells sufficiently to give you the precise table heading formatting you require.  Create a list control, assign to the same dataset as your table, add a textbox […]

Upgrading SQL 2008 R2 Integrated to SQL 2012

You have a fully integrated SQL Server 2008 R2 installation integrated with Sharepoint 2010 for both Reporting Services and Powerpivot.  Upgrade to SQL 2012 gotchas out of the way. First give the Upgrade 2012 Advisor a shot – I had a few issues installing however expect this to be resolved. Next … 1. Ensure Windows […]

Scripting Data From Excel

You have a few columns in Excel you would like to import into a SQL Server table as a one off job. You don’t have Powerpivot installed, which would be ideal to import custom reference data into a repository where is can be joined to other data. By creating a calculated column, then entering the […]

Charts for Parent Child MDX Datasets

SSRS handles parent child datasets dynamically through configuration of the tablix control, setting the grouping and advanced options for the table.  A good article on how to achieve this is outlined here at Davy Knuysen Parent Child. To pass the right data to the table, you will have something like the following in the rows component […]