Umbrellas – Leading Zeros (0’s) inside Excel or PowerPivot

Laura has a bunch of numbers sitting in column A5 of her Excel spreadsheet showing 5 digit product codes for her umbrella business.  She received the file from a vendor, and somewhere in the process Excel stripped off the leading zeros.   Create a new column in Excel, then apply the following formula to apply leading zeros up to the required 5 digits :  The […]

SSRS : Open URL in a New Window

If you are using Sharepoint, you can frame your SSRS web part into a page, then link to that page using the QuickLauch links (tick the Open link in a new wind0w box).  Or, you may want to launch the URL from within the SSRS report but there is no such obvious option in the […]

SSRS : How to Restore a Hidden Vertical Axis

You have removed the vertical axis in your Reporting Services chart and you can’t find where to restore it.   Restore a hidden vertical axis in a Reporting Services Chart as follows : 1. Select the Chart 2. Go to the Properties pane 3. Select the Ellipses (…) beside the ChartAreas Collection 4. Select the […]

TSQL : Convert a String to Pad Leading Zeros

Uncle Julio imported some new product codes into a database for the expanding Fajita business. However the leading zeros have been removed somewhere during the import process. The point of sale machines requires a 4 character product code so he turned to his close friend and I.T. expert Jose, to pad leading zeros in front […]