Word: This document contains links that may refer to other files

If Thor had an office job, his desk would be a pile of splinters….Possibly one of the most annoying warnings in Microsoft Word is the warning “This document contains links that may refer to other files” when you open a document. It doesn’t matter if you choose Yes or No, you will continue to be prompted […]

Link to Download Retro Databases

Old fashioned stuff is oh so cool.  Maybe because it is so honest, simple and catchy, or simply because it is going for a sum on Ebay ?   Download your retro plain and simple Northwind and Pubs databases here …  http://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=23654

The Mosdal Support Kit

Mosdal is not the name of the Android in the current Star Trek film, rather it is a support kit useful for troubleshooting issues with Microsoft Online Services. Try it here … a quick download and install on your local PC, then enter your Microsoft Online account, perform your intended operations, then wait a few […]

Pass Summit 2012 – BI Session Snap !

With just over a week now until Pass Summit 2012, its time to review some of the cool sessions to go to in the Business Intelligence track !  Around the World with the SharePoint BI Toolbelt (BID-212-S)BI Information DeliveryBrian Knight (Pragmatic Works) Dashboard Design: Making Reports Pop (BID-305)BI Information DeliveryPaul Turley (SolidQ) Building Self-Service BI Apps Using PowerPivot and […]

Mobile Configuration for your Outlook.com Live Email account

Start sending and receiving your Outlook.com emails on your mobile device quickly and painlessly with the following configuration. https://ironcovesolutions.zendesk.com/entries/20330427-imap-pop-settings-for-major-mail-providers Account : Pop3 Email Address : Self explanatory UserName : Same as Email Address Pop Server : pop3.live.com Pop Security : SSL If Available Port : 995 Smtp Server : smtp.live.com Smtp Security : TLS Port […]

Using Over() to handle totals

OVER() is fantastic for Business Intelligence and possibly under-rated, useful when you want to create a total for a particular grouping in your query but still want to see the granular transactions. The following example highlights how to sum the quantity sold for the total sale but still show the item level saleline quantity sold […]

Top 10 BI Predictions 2012

Coming soon to a store near you ….as always more B.I. tools than you can poke a stick at, Self Service BI Winning, Big data, Mobile BI, cloud BI, more Integration (notice no mention of the G word) … nuf said ! Lars Needs Guitars