SSRS Speaks ! New Feature in Reporting Services 2014

An old colleague recently asked… “What’s new in Reporting Services 2014 bro?”.   Asides from official support for Chrome Browsers, Reporting Services 2014 remains unchanged feature wise compared to 2012. It appears focus is predominantly on PowerBI and the acquisition of Datazen.  The following chart illustrates Approximate number of outstanding cool new features by version […]

Sharepoint BI Demo Machine Full Download

Shortcut your Sharepoint Business Performance experience with this pre-packaged virtual machine available for partners and customers, pre installed with industry specific Sharepoint dashboards like Education, Energy and Communications. If you get along to you will find some online demo’s but this one is a full downloadable virtual machine – ok it is only Sharepoint […]

SSRS Migration: Data Sources Supported in Reporting Services 2012/2014

Migrating your Reporting Services instances to SQL Server 2012/2014 has a few key considerations. First, the oldest version you can upgrade from is Reporting Services 2005 and that must be patched to SP4 (9.00.5000). Next, any SQL Server 2005 report data sources are still supported in SQL Server 2012/2014. Here are the full list of […]

Always On Availability Groups: Do I need a File Share Witness or No ?

This blog sets about doing a shallow dive – to simply understand how a File Share Witness is used and required in an Always On Availability Group cluster. An Always On Availability Group cluster requires no shared storage – Windows 2012 supports up to 16 nodes, SQL Server 2012 supports up to 5 nodes in an Availability Group, […]

Location of RSReportServer.config for SSRS Web Service URL Sharepoint Integrated

You want to find the rsReportServer.config file for your SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Installation. Basically….for a Sharepoint Integrated Mode install of Reporting Services look in … Typically the location of your reportserver url is going to look something like this if your sharepoint web url is … and for a Native Mode Reporting Services installation look in … […]

Can I run a PowerPivot 2012 (v2) Excel 2010 document to Sharpoint 2013

You can run a PowerPivot 2012 (v2) Excel 2010 document up on Sharepoint 2013 server.  The following read outlines a the pros and cons. Note Excel 2013 Powerpivot documents support Interactive refresh within the open workbook however PowerPivot v2 for Excel 2010 only supports Unattended Refresh.   At this stage I havn’t any luck getting […]

SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 and SSDT Automatic Update Feature

SQL Server 2012 Data Tools gets an automatic update feature included in Service pack 1 for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 ! This is an excellent feature as most people update the server, but forget to update their workstations with the latest and greatest offerings that come with the general update. Once Service pack 1 is […]