Top 10 BI Predictions 2012

Coming soon to a store near you ….as always more B.I. tools than you can poke a stick at, Self Service BI Winning, Big data, Mobile BI, cloud BI, more Integration (notice no mention of the G word) … nuf said ! Lars Needs Guitars

Analysis Services DependsonDimension Property

I have never used the Analysis Services DependsonDimension property so I was intrigued when trialling a few configurations dealing with custom dimensional security – what it actually does.   Looks like Chris Webb is all over this so I won’t cover in detail here but suffice to say the property only really gives the Aggregation […]

Analysis Services Server Version DMV

Recently I discussed with colleagues how to get the Analysis Services Server version in an environment when you are not an OLAP Administrator. You can run the following code on the OLAP server as an MDX query on any database you have access to … Thanks to DG !

Creating Time Intelligence Filters in Performance Point 2010 – Quick Ref

Those of you new to Performance Point 2010 or who are starting to want more from your dashboards using Time Intelligence, the following link provides a succinct reference for applying Time Intelligence formulas see Performance Point TI Shortcuts. Those turning their hand at MDX filter queries and doing custom member rollups filters …..(exhale) be aware the Performance Point […]

Convert string with $ and , 000’s separator to a number

You have imported some data from a file or Sharepoint list and the numbers have come across as strings, in their display format.  Unfortunately for you this means if you want to perform some arithmetic or sorting on this column, you will need to convert to a number and remove the formatting characters like $ […]

Alter a column’s datatype in your database

Ideally we should set the datatype for the columns in our database correctly from the start of the project. However over time, you may find yourself facing a requirement to change the data type for one of the columns in your database.   If your negotiation skills fail to convince the stakeholder party otherwise, well […]