MYSQL: A Query to Display WordPress Posts

The following MYSQL query will display your WordPress post data including post metadata.   Just change the filters as required … demonstrated filters include only posts with a status of Publish and a post date less than Now.  Remember to remove the filter on post date if you are searching for Draft posts only. SELECT posts.*, postmeta.*   […]

DAX: Get the Month Name from a Date

Some commonly asked questions in this world are : 1. Is the Loch Ness monster real ? 2. Is the Bermuda Triangle really aliens ? 3. How do you get the month name from a date in a PowerPivot DAX formula ? Get the three character abbreviation of the month name from a Date column in […]

Data Wow: Nothing Compares To You Analysis

In this data visualisation example we analyse the lyrics of the song Nothing Compares To You, to compare the amount of emotional fulfillment of life in general compared to you…. as at 7 hours and 15 days….

Data Wow: Data Science for Extra Terrestrials

In 1961, Dr Frank Drake presented a controversial equation…called….ummm…the Drake equation, but some critics, labelled the equation a guesstimate or even meaningless.  Yet for the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute, the equation pumps to a beat, and drives the mass collection of data, to yield information relating to any of the equation’s factors.  The controversial Drake equation, aims […]

Data Wow: Chances of Finding Love ?

What are the chances of life on earth ? Further, what are the chances of running into a random stranger on earth, and finding love… And further again, what are the chances of holding that love ??   In this compelling Ted talk, mathematician Hannah Fry gives her top 3 mathematically based tips for finding that special […]