SSRS #Error in Report Cells

When you run a report, you see #Error in the cells of a particular column.  This can indicate a number of different issues as referenced below. Mark Brown Blog Some Random #Error Formatting Error In my case, the cell in error used an expression to add the values of two dataset fields together – i.e. […]

SSRS Error: Subreport could not be shown

You have included one or more Subreports in your main report, selected Preview, selected your parameters and then encounter the error “Error: Subreport could not be shown” before the report renders.  This is seldom a good sign, however with an understanding of the common causes and a planned approach can be easily fixed. The following […]

…Casting SSIS Data Types – Cheque Please !

Next time you run into Data Conversion errors within SSIS, be sure to read this concise reference on compatible SSIS Casting operations.  Note – Black = Legal, Red = Illegal. Casting SSIS Data Types Conversion Matrix Casting explicitly converts an expression from one data type to a different data type. The cast operator can also function […]

Publishing Intuitive Top B’s for Every A for Excel users

One of the most common reasons why we would go to the trouble of modelling our data in a cube is performance.  However self service access to the data is one of the other huge benefits that allows us to enrich the user experience and free up our workloads. When a list of dimension members […]

Reporting Actions – Its All About the Nutmeg !

Actions in Analysis Services are a fantastic way to bring the bling to your cube without overcomplicating the basic user interface. Analysis Services supports several different types of actions however the scope of the following discussion will be on Reporting Actions and to a lesser extent Drillthrough Actions. The classic case for a Reporting Action […]

Member Does Not Exist in MDX Calculations

Granted if an MDX calculation involves a specific named member, then this member should ideally exist in the datamart and be processed in the cube.  Nonetheless, there may be the occasion where this isn’t the case and when browsing the calculated measure in your OLAP client will get a #Value! error. The following code snippet […]

Case Sensitive Search

Occasionally you may find it necessary to perform a case sensitive search in your data.  Using the COLLATE statement in the WHERE clause will allow you search for the exact case sensitive string you are looking for. Thanks to SQLMagRef139579

Report Server Catalog Primer

It is too easy to install an instance of Reporting Services without thinking much about the Report Catalog (Report Server and Report Server TempDB articles).  As a nice primer into Report Catalog architecture, this primer by Denny Lee is well worth a read. Report Server Catalog Typically, in the large organisation, planning and deploying such […]

SQL Server 2012 Exam Sneak Peak

Thanks to this post Krista Wall giving a quick synopsis of the upcoming SQL Server 2012 exams.   Mmmmm those Business Intelligence exams do look very tasty ! Sneak Peak The recertification bit is interesting.

Calculating Week Start and Week End Dates Dynamically

Adding Week Start and Week End dates to your Date Dimension table can make navigating your dimensional model extremely handy and tasty to the end user. From an existing Date Dimension table, you can add Week Start and Week End columns  to your table and then make use of functions to assist in the task […]