Power Who ? …. Launching Power View

Power View is the new whiz bang reporting tool by Microsoft that is part of the next generation of easy to use yet powerful data visualisation tools. For a start if you don’t have at least Excel 2010 (with at least the Power Pivot add-in 2012 RTM installed), Sharepoint Server 2010, SQL Server 2012 Business […]

Sharepoint 2010 Report Server File Sync Feature

If your users will frequently upload published Report Server items directly to SharePoint document libraries, you may want to consider enabling the Sharepoint 2010 File Sync feature as a best practice. The Report Server File Sync Feature synchronizes Report Server files (.rdl, .rsds, .smdl, .rsd, .rsc) from a SharePoint document library to the report server when […]

B.I. with Sharepoint 2010 Budgie (Foundation) edition

Before you jump into Sharepoint 2010, have you considered running the budget no frills Foundation 2010 edition for starters ?  Check out Compare Editions for a feature comparison.  You may be surprised about what you get in Foundation.  Its free to download and you just need to be licensed for Windows. Check out the official license […]

Part 1 : Xray Vision for SQL Server Error Logs

You could be forgiven for not looking at your error logs….but only once….after all, look what happened to Krypton! In this multi part series, we walk through how to transform the volumes of mundane SQL Error logs for your entire SQL Server fleet, into insightful, integrated and simplified 30,000 foot view dashboards.  Consolidating your error logs and creating Powerful Centralised […]

SSRS – Quick Date Formatting for Tables, Textboxes and Charts

Datasets containing datetime fields can be excellent for ordering but you will want to apply some quick formatting techniques to tidy up those date formats when used in tables, text boxes, or even labels in charts.  Outlined below are some basic suggestions for quickly tidying up 3 different scenarios in your report. For a datetime field […]

PerformancePoint Unexpected Error Occurred 11861 Creating Report

You have launched Performance Point Dashboard Designer in Sharepoint 2010, created a Data Source connection to your cube, then attempted to create an Analytical Chart Report.  You get an Unexpected Error 11861 popup message. You just need to right click on your new connection and select Save, then you will be able to create your […]

SQL Saturday Brisbane Event Success

SQL Saturday was held in Brisbane today 12th April 2012.   It was excellent to see so many attendees and hats off to Paul Te Braak and the event sponsors for organising. For those that attended my XRay Vision for SQL Error Logs presentation, thank you for being such a good audience and I hope […]

SQL Server Licensing Just Got Way More Expensive … Or Did It ???

Before we kick off, June 30 2012  will have been and gone and you would have missed the opportunity to purchase SQL Server 2012 Enterprise in the Server plus CAL license model – after which will be core only. Some other notes when working out SQL 2012 licensing : • The price of the SQL Server […]

Branding the SSRS Report Manager

Those who utilise the built in Native mode Reporting Services Report Manager will find it looks quite bland.   The good news is with a little Cake Decorating 101, the Report Manager can be given a new lease on life, and easier on the corporate eyes. Before getting the hands dirty, you will need to workshop the […]