ESRI Plus Boost for Power BI

The ESRI plus subscription for Power BI was announced in September this year (2017) and was made available for the November release of the Power BI desktop. Here’s the video, then read on for a wrap…

The verdict ? It cranks…. the level of detail in the base maps is incredible, you can even see the Calvin Klein’s on the clothesline and the World Demographics are really handy.  The maps perform well, and will support up to 5000 data points.

So what do you get in Plus that you don’t get in standard ESRI ArcGIS Power BI service ?

1. Up to 5,000 data points can be displayed on one map (normally up to 3,500)
2. Access to Living Atlas reference layers (normally just standard ARCGIS feature layers)
3. Access to more Base maps (most only available to USA)
4. Access to World Demographics (normally just USA demographics)

World Demographics…


Extra base maps (with the ribbon symbol)…


Living Atlas  reference layers…


Summary – This was a significant release for the ESRI visual. The World demographics are comprehensive, and some of the base maps show incredible detail. The introduction of Living Atlas reference layers also provides a lot more off the shelf than public hosted feature layers.

Whilst this is all good, there is some way to go. ESRI Visual isn’t available in the on premise Power BI Report Server. There is still embedding issues and forget about publishing your Power BI ESRI map to public just yet.

The process of consuming your own ESRI hosted feature layers is still missing and hence still requires ESRI admin permmissions. A hosted feature layer that is shared appropriately and sufficient credits to cater for hits against your layer. It costs $5 a month to use (free trial for 60 days). If 5000 points isn’t a strict requirement and you don’t see yourself benefiting by the above, you may be just as happy with the standard ESRI release.

Still good to see some enormous effort in this space and look forward to more.

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