Data Wow: Silver Linings Playbook Trailer – Scene Analysis

“How did Tommy die?”… was one of the most memorable quotes from the movie Silver Linings Playbook.   Here we look at a liquid cool example of data analysis.   The data visualisation shows which scenes were used to build the Silver Linings Playbook movie trailer. Here the analysis shows that whilst the trailer for Silver Linings used scenes that roughly follow the film’s natural order, there are a few quirky differences.   First example, at the very start of the trailer, a scene from the end of the film is used…



… and  there are a few scenes not actually in the movie release or the same scene but shot from a different angle. Enjoy the trailer here, I’m going for crabby snacks and homemades… Original NY times article Here, and the other trailers visualised include Beasts of Southern Wild, Argo, Amour, and Lincoln.

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