Windows Phone: Switch from Android Easy Guide

The best things about Android/Google phones is they name their operating system releases after comfort food, there are zillions of apps, and there are usually 40 different ways to do the same thing… which is probably the major downfall too, too much choice and confusion, as well as the random glitch and the “insufficient space on device” drawback on the cheaper phones.

Switch from Android to Windows phone seamlessly like this :

1. Sign into your Windows phone with your Microsoft account

2. If you already use the Google cloud service to store your contacts, go to Settings > System > Email & Accounts, then add your Google account.  Sign in with your Google account name and password, then connect and sync.

3. Once the sync is complete, your contacts, calendar and emails should be readily available on your Windows phone.  If you don’t have a Google account, go to your old Android phone, switch Bluetooth on, open the “Transfer my data” app on your Windows phone and turn on Bluetooth there as well.  Once the two phones are paired you can transfer your Google Contacts and text messages too.

4. For photos and videos, install the OneDrive app on your Android phone, sign into that app using the same Microsoft account you signed into your Windows phone with, then Transfer your files to OneDrive.  If that’s all too hard, connect your Android phone to your computer, then connect your Windows phone and copy the files from your Android media folders to your Windows phone.

5. Now just get your apps from the Microsoft store.   If the same app doesn’t exist, try something alternative.

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