Windows Phone: Rotating Images with Nokia Lumia Creative Studio

Here we learn how to rotate images in Windows phone using the superb free Nokia Microsoft Lumia Creative Studio.

crop_start_1I have gone through “A LOT” of phones the last 2 years.  Apple, Android, Windows, Symbian, and by far the best alround experience has been Windows Phone.  Seamless contact integration, photos and those cool Lumia colours.

First, if you havn’t downloaded the superb Lumia Creative Studio then do it now.  The app has a nice mix of filters and enhancements and edits without losing your original photos. What’s more it is free and addictive.  Now, open your photo in  Lumia Creative Studio, and select the Crop tool on the left.


To rotate the image, click the Rotate icon on the right. To Save, Select the Ellipses on the far right, then select “save as a copy”, preserving your original copy.



Now go tell your mates then tap into more photo enhancements using Lumia Creative Studio on Windows Phone.



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