Tableau Server : Upgrading Maintenance Keys Offline

You have attempted to update Tableau Server maintenance keys but cannot do so due to lack of an internet connection. The following notes reflect my experience updating Tableau Server 8.2 product keys where the maintenance date had expired.   You won’t be able to update to Tableau 9 if the maintenance keys are not within current dates.  Here goes…

1. Login to the Tableau server, and run “Manage Product Keys”

2. Click on each the product key and select “Activate”

3. If you don’t have an internet connection, you will be prompted to save an activation file which will have the extension .tlq.

4. Breathe easy, it will all be over soon…

5. Go to and upload your tlq file. You will be prompted with a link to download an Activation file which will have the extension tlf.

6. Go to the Tableau server, open a command prompt and change directory until you are in the directory C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<version>\bin

7. Copy your tlf file into a local folder on the Tableau Server e.g. c:\temp

8. Run the following command line, and for this example I will assume your folder is c:\temp and your tlf file is called Activation1.tlf.

tabadmin activate –tlf “C:\temp\activation1.tlf”

9. Still on the Tableau server, run “Manage Product Keys” as Administrator and following the instructions and you should be done.

For additional references please see here…

Thanks for reading and please vote for your current version of Tableau !

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