Sharepoint BI Demo Machine Full Download

Shortcut your Sharepoint Business Performance experience with this pre-packaged virtual machine available for partners and customers, pre installed with industry specific Sharepoint dashboards like Education, Energy and Communications.

contoso dashboard

If you get along to you will find some online demo’s but this one is a full downloadable virtual machine – ok it is only Sharepoint 2010 on SQL 2012, it has a cool footer but for the tragic Windows Phone 7,  and it is only a Generation 1 VHD Hyper V machine.    If you are a Virtual Machine Jedi with an extremely high Midi-chlorian count, you may have a chance of converting the image to run on virtual machine clients like VMWare Client and Virtual Box.  I had best luck using Hyper V host on Windows 8.1.  Download is approximately 20Gb, so if you are having problems, try a Download Manager.

Here is the actual link to the Virtual Machine –  Instructions for how to mount the Virtual machine under Hyper V are included in the page comments including administrator password, domain and ip addresses.  If you are running Hyper-V in Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2, you will notice the instructions are written for the older version of Hyper-V – the terminology has changed slightly.   Instead of importing the Virtual Machine, you will find it easier to create a Generation 1 Virtual Machine, assign the internal network that you created using the Virtual Switch Manager, then add the add virtual hard disk from the uncompressed image files. Once the virtual machine starts, you are almost there.  Login with these initial login details, the following the remaining steps in the setup procedure :

User: administrator

Password: pass@word1


Link to Free Download Manager below, which I am no way affiliated with, it just solved my headaches with Akamai download manager and Internet Explorer.   This worked well to download this particular file but had no luck with resuming interrupted MSDN downloads.

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