Word: This document contains links that may refer to other files

If Thor had an office job, his desk would be a pile of splinters….Possibly one of the most annoying warnings in Microsoft Word is the warning “This document contains links that may refer to other files” when you open a document. It doesn’t matter if you choose Yes or No, you will continue to be prompted every time you open the file.



You can turn off the warning altogether…by going to the File menu, Options, Advanced, then scroll down to the General section and untick the box beside “Update automatic links at open”.



Whilst this won’t resolve the cause, it will stop the warning from popping up next time, for any Word document.  The gotcha is every user must set the same option in their installation of Microsoft Word.

To identify links used in your document you can expose the “Edit Links to Files” function.  You can expose this by going through File, Options, Quick Access Toolbar, select “File Tab” in the “Choose Commands From” dropdown, find the function “Edit Links to Files” and select “Add”.


This will explose the following icon in the Quick Launch Menu where you can view links to other files.





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