TSQL : Convert DateTime String to Datetime

You have imported data from a text file into your database which included datetime values formatted as strings. An example is the following string
‘2013-09-12 01:03:52’ which represents the date 12th September 2013 at 3 minutes past 1am on the 52nd second.

The following snippet example show how to convert this string to a datetime value :

DECLARE @string varchar(24), @date date, @time time
SET @string = '2013-09-12 01:03:52'
SELECT REPLACE(LEFT(@string,10),'-','')
SELECT CONVERT(datetime,REPLACE(LEFT(@string,10),'-','')) as DateComponent
SELECT CAST(SUBSTRING(@string,12,9) as time) AS TimeComponent
SELECT CONVERT(datetime,REPLACE(LEFT(@string,10),'-','')) + CAST(SUBSTRING(@string,12,9) as time) as DateTimeDataType

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