MDX : Ordering by Month in your SSRS Reports

You want your months to display in your SSRS report as Jan, Feb, Mar etc yet you run the report and the ordering is all out of sorts. Adapt the following MDX sampler, to grab the month key, and follow the steps subsequent to set the ordering in your SSRS chart.

The month key will need to be something with a natural sort order, so either 1 through to 12 or the year concatenated with the month i.e. for year 2010, the key for Jan through to March would be 201001, 201002, 201003 etc. The main name can be Jan, Feb, Mar, or your own custom display format.

WITH MEMBER Measures.[MonthNameOrder] AS

MEMBER Measures.[MonthKeyOrder] AS

MEMBER Measures.X
as 1



FROM [Wruggles_Cube]

Now in your SSRS chart, drag Month to your Categories, right click the Month within Categories, select Category Group properties, select sorting, then choose the MonthKeyOrder column.

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