Excel 2013 Geoflow – Where to Buy Cannabis in Chicago ?

Project codename “GeoFlow” Preview for Excel 2013 allows you render geographic data, analyse that data and create interactive tours for your end users – all in 3D.   Much more fun than looking at tabular data in a spreadsheet.  Now onto more important stuff, where to buy Cannabis in Chicago ?

Download the Public Preview of Excel 2013 here http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/download-geoflow-for-excel-FX104036784.aspx.

Once installed, the new Geoflow map is available in the Insert tab, under Map.  The install instructions advise not to have Excel open at the time of installing this addin, so if you don’t see this you may need to retry installation with Excel closed.


In the same link above, you can download demo datasets to help demonstrate the capabilities.  Take the Chicago Narcotics data for 2011 as your sample http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/redir/XT104048050.aspx, open the workbook, go the the Insert tab, and select Map and select from two options.   First option is to launch into the one we prepared earlier Narcotics Arrests Map report.


Second option is to take a tour which is a feature that has been designed in this particular demo report, that allows new users not familiar with the report to take your guided tour.


Once within the map report, select the 2nd page of the report as follows.


Note in the map report on the right the large spike of arrests for Cannabis over 30grams.


Double click to zoom into the map around near this hotspot (you may need to double click a few times to zoom in enough) and we can see all the action happens near the corner of Grenshaw and Spaulding.


So now you know where to get your Cannabis in Chicago, take the Tour and find out much more about how to drive this new data visualisation add-in for Excel 2013.  Of course this is 2011 data though, so you may be taking your chances 🙂

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