What ports are your SQL Server services are running ?

You need to know which ports your SQL Server services are running.  This could be for Kerberos constrained delegation to Data Sources or to allow access through Firewalls.  Either way, the following guide explains how to go about this for your Analysis Services Service, and a similar process can be used to find ports for other SQL Server services.

For Analysis Services, you can see in Task Manager which port your MSMDSRV process is running.  Alternatively, open the SQL Server Configuration manager, select the Analysis Services service, select Properties, then on the Service tab, note the Process ID.

Now go to a command prompt and enter the following to dump the output to a file called netstatoutputfile.txt in the specified directory, in this case c:\tempfolder

netstat /ao -p TCP >> C:\tempfolder\netstatoutputfile.txt

Look for your process id and you will see port specified beside the IP address in the Local Address column.

A complete reference for the Analysis Services service specifically including firewall specific actions are outlined here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms174937.aspx

Enjoy !

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