New Performance Point 2013 Features

Performance Point 2013 is just around the corner and you can take a peak of the new features here in this great post by Kevin Donovan

First whats not cool ?

The charts and grids still may not address concerns for a more visually exciting and customisable set of charts and grids – yawn.  Also the support for new Sharepoint themes is welcoming however how easy it is for general users to quickly design and deploy spicy mobile ready dashboards remains to be seen.

Whats cool ???

1. Themes to spice up those Dashboards.

2. The BI Center now gets a different skin, although a more metro interface would be good.

3. The Dashboard Designer is now easier to launch.

4. A host of Filter enhancements and performance improvements such as being able to filter a measure.

5. Easier support for sites that don’t do Kerberos, and an improved migration tool.

Thats it for now, I’ll be putting it through its paces in the coming months.  All in all, I think its worth the upgrade simply for the filter on a measure feature and improvements on filters in general.  Still not glossy magazine dashboard material but an improvement on a proven and easy to use Performance Point platform.

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