Convert Incoming Flat File Date to DateTime in SSIS

You need to convert an incoming string formatted date from a flat file into a date datatype in SSIS.   The following example demonstrates how to convert a flat file date in the format “DD/MM/YYYY” into the ISO format YYYY-MM-DD, where it can be converted to a Datetime data type by DT_DBTIMESTAMP. Nulls and partially populated strings (e.g. a date without leading zeros formatted) are also handled by converting to null dates.

 (ISNULL([your date string])) ? NULL(DT_DBTIMESTAMP) : (LEN([date string]) < 10) ? NULL(DT_DBTIMESTAMP) : (DT_DBTIMESTAMP)(SUBSTRING([your date string], 7, 4) + "-" SUBSTRING([your date string], 4, 2) + "-" + SUBSTRING([your date string], 1, 2))

Excellent reference here …

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