the size necessary to buffer the xml content error on ssrs preview

Tracked this post down when looking into what looks to be a newish error in SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services.  You select Preview on the report and get the error “size necessary to buffer the XML content exceeded the buffer quota”.

The blog discuss a good workaround approach.  In my case, fields referenced within an expression on the report i.e. a texbox, were referencing fields no longer available in the dataset.


3 thoughts on “the size necessary to buffer the xml content error on ssrs preview”

  1. I ran into this error while trying to add a second data set to an existing report. I tried uploading the broken report to my server to see if it would run there, I received a different (and more specific) error:
    The Value expression for the text box ‘textbox2’ refers directly to the field ‘’ without specifying a dataset aggregate. When the report contains multiple datasets, field references outside of a data region must be contained within aggregate functions which specify a dataset scope. (rsFieldReferenceAmbiguous)

    The actual problem with the report was several field references in textboxes outside of tables. I updated the fields to include the dataset scope and the report is working again.

    For example:
    Sum(Fields!DatasetField1.Value) –> Sum(Fields!DatasetField1.Value, “ReportDataset”).

    Also, non-aggregate fields needed to be updated to include a dataset scope:
    Fields!DatasetField1.Value –> First(Fields!DatasetField1.Value, “ReportDataset”)

    After updating each of the fields, the report ran without errors.

  2. I also go this error – after deleting some parameters but I had left some references to these parameters in the report (as expressions and as parameters in “Go To Report” actions. Problem fixed by removing references to the deleted parameters

  3. The error message is so obscure, and I’ve found that it doesn’t relate to the problem at all. I spent almost an entire day trying to figure out what was wrong with my report.

    My problem was that I had un-ticked the ‘Allow Multiple Values’ in one of my parameters, but I had a visibility expression for some brand logo images like so:

    =IIF(Join(Parameters!OrganisationBrandBusiness.Value,”,”) Like “*BrandName*”,False,True)

    The error occured not because I only ever select one brand name at a time (therefore rendering the formula a bit redundant), but because my formula above allowed for multiple values, and then I un-checked the multiple values option in the parameter.

    Seriously though, couldn’t the error have been more informative?!

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