SSIS unable to bulk copy data you may need to run this package as administrator

You attempt to run a SSIS package that writes to a SQL Server Destination, but the Data Flow fails and you get the error “unable to bulk copy data ….you may need to run this package as administrator”.

Workaround – Use the OLEDB Destination instead.  Otherwise you may need to edit your local policy to grant the “Create global objects” permission in order for the SQL Server Destination to work properly i.e.

“Users who execute packages that include the SQL Server destination require the “Create global objects” permission. You can grant this permission to users by using the Local Security Policy tool opened from the Administrative Tools menu. If you receive an error message when executing a package that uses the SQL Server destination, make sure that the account running the package has the “Create global objects” permission.”

SQL Server Destination Reference

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3 Responses

  1. Tim

    For some reason I’ve done both. I’ve even added everyone and users and myself to the local policy. Nothing is working. Any idea why that might be?

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