Scripting all Reporting Services Content

A new Reporting Services Content migration tool is available from Microsoft labs – Yay !

It only supports Native mode to Sharepoint deployments – Awwwww !

Support for Native mode to Native mode is supposed to be coming soon – Yay !

First timers can use the GUI option to extract – Yay !

The GUI is pretty ordinary to look at – Awwwww !

It supports shared datasets and report parts ! – Yay !

Download the Native mode to Sharepoint migration tool here …

If you are new to the tool, just run the GUI (RSMigrationUI) from the extracted files. Enter the report server URL (native mode) to extract content from (specified as for e.g. http://localhost/reportserver), then specify a folder for the scripted content to be stored.  Click the Generate Migration script button.  You will see in the migration content a list of folders and objects that looks similar to what you have on the native mode report server.  

To restore, generate a powershell command line (samples provided in the extracted readme file) specifying the target server and library.   So its quite easy to use and scriptable – but the native to native would be lovely.

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