SSRS – Default Parameter Values to (Select All)

To configure the (Select All) selection for a multi-value parameter in Reporting Services simply configure your parameter’s Default settings to read the value from the same dataset as your Available Values dataset. 

Right click on your report parameter, select “Parameter Properties”, select “Default Values”, select “Get Values From a Query”, select the same dataset you configured for “Available Values” and select the Value field for this dataset.

One thought on “SSRS – Default Parameter Values to (Select All)”

  1. Yep, that’s a useful technique. However, if you have duplicate labels with different associated values, what I observe (in 2008 R2) is that the duplicate labels (and their corresponding values) don’t get selected and therefore get lost when the parameter gets used in a subsequent SQL query, thus reducing the result set. Any ideas on how to overcome that?

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