B.I. with Sharepoint 2010 Budgie (Foundation) edition

Before you jump into Sharepoint 2010, have you considered running the budget no frills Foundation 2010 edition for starters ?  Check out Compare Editions for a feature comparison.  You may be surprised about what you get in Foundation.  Its free to download and you just need to be licensed for Windows. Check out the official license info here and more basic and insightful license coverage here.

Asides from Reporting Services 2012 integration, Foundation edition has loads of other features to bring to life fully functional and professional looking portals and comes with Business Connectivity Services.  This feature is handy for businesses who want to maintain their own reference data and need writeback to an external datasource.  On the SQL Server 2012 Standard edition side, you still get these great features and hence can still run your Analysis Services and Integration services packages demanded by an end to end Business Intelligence solution.   In this integrated combination you don’t get Reporting Services Data Alerts nor Power View, however for most organisations starting down the Business Intelligence road where baby steps are usually taken,  Reporting Services 2012 Sharepoint Foundation 2010 integration might do just nicely for minimal dollars.

Lets do it !  Where can I download !?

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