SSRS – Quick Date Formatting for Tables, Textboxes and Charts

Datasets containing datetime fields can be excellent for ordering but you will want to apply some quick formatting techniques to tidy up those date formats when used in tables, text boxes, or even labels in charts.  Outlined below are some basic suggestions for quickly tidying up 3 different scenarios in your report.

For a datetime field used in a Tablix, go to the Format property and enter … 


For chart labels you will need to enter an expression in the Label property …


For textboxes for example, displaying the datetime of the report execution, you can enter the following in the Format property of the textbox …

dd/MMM/yyyy hh:mm tt

For Dates coming from OLAP cubes, you may find the above expressions fail to work.   If that is the case, try using CDate in your tablix cell first using the following field expression…


Then in the Format property for the textbox, enter your date format e.g. …


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