SSRS Pie Charts – Displaying Percentages Instead of Values


To display the series percentages rather than the values in a SSRS Pie Chart, follow these basic steps :

1. Right click on your your Chart’s Series Labels and select “Series Label Properties”.  If your Series Labels don’t exist yet you need to need to right click the Pie chart and select “Show Data Labels” then  you will be able to select “Series Labels Properties”.

2. In the General tab, under the Label Data field type “#PERCENT” which will default to 2 decimal places.  For no decimal places use “#PERCENT{P0}” or for 1 decimal place use “#PERCENT{P1}”.

3. If you do not yet have the UseValueAsLabel property of the Chart Series Labels set to False you will be prompted to do this when clicking OK.  Thats it, you’re done!

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3 thoughts on “SSRS Pie Charts – Displaying Percentages Instead of Values”

  1. i have been asked to display both the percentage AND the value for each series, like the following:
    Can this be done, or are you only allowed 1 or the other?
    Thanks in advance. Barb

    1. Barb apologise for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, you can show both figure formats but you would need to enter an expression in the Label Data field. Something along the lines of =CStr(FormatPercent(Fields!YourField.Value)) + CStr(” n = “) + CStr(FormatNumber(Fields!YourField.Value,0)). You may also like to set the Position property of the Series label to Outside to give you a better spaced label outside the chart area.

  2. Thanks for the response. In the meantime, after some experimentation, we decided it was “too crowded” to have all the numbers around the pie chart, so I added only the percentage to the end of the lines in the legend using =……. & ” (” & ROUND((SUM(Fields!TOTALCOUNT.Value) / SUM(Fields!TOTALCOUNT.Value, “DSetGraph2_DATA”)) * 100, 1) & “%)” — it worked, looks so much better, and everyone was “happy”.

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