Go Forth and Multiply (Deploying MDX Calculations)

There are several ways to deploy your new MDX Calculations from your Analysis Services solution without processing the cube.

First, go and download the BIDS Helper tool for SQL 2008 from Codeplex which also works for SQL 2008 R2 …


Secondly, it is good practice to set your deployment properties.  Make sure you right click your Analysis Services project, select properties, select the Deployment tab and ensure these 3 settings are set as follows :

  • Processing Option (Do Not Process)
  • Transactional Deployment (False)
  • Deployment Mode (Deploy Changes Only)

Finally open Bids, navigate into the solution until you get to the Cube right click your Cube and select Deploy MDX script.  Light is green, trap is clean…

BidsHelper Deployment

Now go forth and multiply your calculations without processing the cube.

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